ESP8266 Setup

Connect to your node

Before configuring your new ESP8266 node you have to connect your WiFi to the node's Access Point.

Depending on your product the SSID of the node is one of the following:


Default password is olimex-ap


Enter username and password to access the node.

If you are planning to use as IoT server then enter the credentials received from

Access Point

Set Access Point SSID and password for direct connection to the node. It is recommended to choose a descriptive SSID, for example, KitchenPLUG.

Password must be at least 8 characters long.

Wireless Network

Enter the credentials of your existing local WiFi network.


IoT Server

IoT server configuration. The node would attempt to connect to this server.

Do you want to save the configuration information in the ESP8266 node?

Configuration of ESP8266 node in progress...

Configuration of ESP8266 failed.

Your ESP8266 node was successfully configured. You may now disconnect your WiFi from the node.